Wild About Agility
Gold Coast
Ground Rules
WAAG Agility Dog Club Inc.

Please be on time to class and dress in clothing and footwear suitable for training. No bare feet, thongs, sandals etc.   
It is a requirement of membership that all class participants assist with set up and pack up of the equipment. Please assist your instructor to set up your training area prior to payment of training fees. 

In accordance with safe handling practices a minimum of two people are required for the lifting and moving of contact equipment. 
All dogs are to be restrained during setup and pack up.

You are to pick up after your dog when on the training grounds and surrounds. Poo Bags can be found at the entry gate.

When your dog is not participating in an exercise/skill drill, your dog must be suitably restrained, preferably in a crate with fresh water available.

No harsh handling or reprimands are permitted during training. At WAAG we train using positive reinforcement, i.e. play, tugging or food rewards.

Do not let your dog urinate on club equipment or on the building. If an accident should occur, the owner of the dog shall be responsible for the immediate cleaning with fresh water.       

No bitches in season or dogs suffering from infectious diseases allowed on the grounds.          
No handler is allowed to use any equipment unless under the direction of an instructor qualified to take that class or permission has been given by the Chief Agility Instructor.     

Flat or fixed collars, head halters or harnesses only to be used on the grounds. Check chains, pinch collars etc are NOT PERMITTED.

Children must be at least 9 years of age to participate in the class. Children under the age of 16 years must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

Restricted breeds, in full or part, which include the American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Argentine Fighting Dog and Brazilian Fighting Dog are not permitted on the grounds and we reserve the right to order a DNA test when a Restricted breed is suspected. 

We reserve the right to refuse membership to an aggressive dog.

Every dog is to be under the control of its owner at all times. Handlers to accept complete responsibility for any damage done to any person, dog or property, by their dog(s).

All members are to exercise a duty of care to others in regard to placement of equipment, possessions or anything that could create a hazard to others.

All dogs must be crated  (except for dogs in the 3 week introduction class) or suitably confined in cars and must not be tied up.  Crates should be set up in the under cover area, towards the back.   Any dog that demonstrates anti-social behaviours toward other dogs is to be shielded in a covered crate away from busy areas and main thoroughfares.  Please respect any instructions given to you by a committee member.

WAAG strives to provide a friendly environment free of bullying and aggressive behaviour. Respect must be given to your fellow members, instructors and Committee members.
If you feel you’ve been unfairly treated, please bring it to the attention of a Committee member.

For the comfort and safety of our members, smoking is not allowed inside or in the near vicinity of the clubhouse and the adjoining undercover area and equipment shed.

The Constitution
Wild About Agility GoldCoast Agility Dog Club Inc Rules is available to financial members of WAAG on request to the Secretary

Ground rules (.pdf)
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